The Dinner Dash
After a long, busy day, there’s no better way to reconnect with your family than at the dinner table. But when everyone’s hungry, you need an easy meal—fast! Let Strong4Life help you get a healthy dinner on the table with one of our tasty, budget-friendly dinner recipes.
homemade turkey burger
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Tips for Fall Treats
Whether it’s a pumpkin-flavored latte, a caramel-coated apple or the typical county fair fare of hot dogs and French fries, fall treats can load on the sugar, salt and unhealthy fats! Our Guide to Fall Foods takes fall “fails” to autumn delights with a few simple tweaks!
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Health Food Fakers
Plenty of foods claim to be healthy (“low-fat,” “organic”), but many are imposters! We’re pulling the mask off of everything from smoothies to energy bars to yogurt. This is one big reveal you won’t want to miss!
healthy eats hoax
Health Food Fakers >

  • Oct 2
  • We want our kids to eat plenty of healthy foods, but some things we say, such as “clean your plate” can send mixed signals. Strong4Life registered dietitian and wellness expert Lisa Giles is back to make over our mealtime mantras!
    We’ve rounded up some solid advice about which frozen treats are best. Ice cream or frozen yogurt? How about DIY frozen treats? Before you make any sub-zero splurges, get the inside scoop!
    summer immune boosters
    We’ve tested some of the most popular Internet snack hacks. Find out which hacks are worth your time and which landed on our “fail” list!
    snack myths
    Before your next trip to the store, learn the secrets from our nutritionists. Find out the best aisles to shop, the right organics to choose and the smart-shopper stickers to spot.

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