Reset Your Morning Routine
With the lazy days of summer winding down, now is the time to ease back into a routine that works for school. With these simple tricks, your kids will get back in swing of things just in time for the first bell!
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Test Your School Lunch Smarts
It’s almost time for kids to head back to school, and the right midday meal helps them power through the school day with energy to spare. Is it healthier to pack lunch from home, or is a school lunch the more nutritious choice? Test your school lunch skills with our quiz!
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Save $2,000 a Year on Snacks
It’s true! With just five simple swaps, your family can save more than $2,000 a year just on snacks. Even better, our snacks deliver nutritious deliciousness without all the fat, salt and sugar. Better for you, easier on the wallet…that’s a real deal!
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  • Jul 20
  • Check out my five tried-and-true favorites for getting the new school year off to a smart start (bonus: good school performance is linked to healthy eating and activity, so what are you waiting for?)
    School lunches have gotten a bad rap for years. But new federal guidelines have made big improvements. Compare and decide for yourself.
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    Who needs fast food value meals when you can make your own for less? Open your eyes and start saving with our easy recipes. They’re super simple and oh-so-nutritious. What better way to start your day?
    The Strong family has some picky palates to please, but Dad has a genius game plan. His menu includes delicious foods from all food groups and a lesson on a balanced plate.
    Dinnertime Magic

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