Bypass the Drive-Thru
When you’re tired and hungry, it’s tempting to steer toward the drive-thru. But we’ve whipped up fast-food fixes of our own—meals that are just as quick as and even cheaper than fast food. Better yet, they’ll keep your family on the right track for better health.
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Immune-Boosting Foods
Give your kids extra germ-fighting power with these yummy foods, chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks—there’s an immune-boosting food for every meal!
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7 Ways to Make Fresh Air Fun Again!
Want to take your kids on an adventure that’s easy, close to home, fun and totally free? Head to the park! Check out Strong4Life’s tips for making fresh air fun again.
7 Ways to Make Fresh Air Fun Again! >

  • Mar 14
  • Wish your kid had an "off” button at bedtime? He does! (Hint: it’s right there on his phone or tablet.) Find out how powering down actually helps your little one fall asleep faster.
    Are your kitchen shelves full of unhealthy temptations? Stack the odds in your family’s favor with a pantry makeover! We’ll show you what to keep, what to stock and what to toss.
    When snack attacks hit, feed them! Kids will love these yummy snacks so much, they won’t even realize they’re healthy. Better yet, each snack is less than 75 cents!
    Snack value
    How does screen time really affect your child at home and school? Does he need a “digital detox” to reduce the time he spends on a computer or watching TV? Learn the 5 hidden dangers of screen time.

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