4 Top Tips for Better Back-to-School Sleep
Summer vacation can throw sleep routines off, but these smart strategies will reset the clock in no time!
Strong4Life's Back to School Basics
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4 Top Tips for Better Back-to-School Sleep >
A 3-Point Plan to Dial Down Screen Time
There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to screen time, less is best! In fact, experts say 60 minutes per day is the max kids should spend with technology. Say “see ya later” to screens—without sparking a clash worthy of a video game—with this easy plan.
A 3-Point Plan to Dial Down Screen Time >
Test Your School Lunch Smarts
School is back and the right midday meal helps them power through the school day with energy to spare. Is it healthier to pack lunch from home, or is a school lunch the more nutritious choice? Test your school lunch skills with our quiz!
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Test Your School Lunch Smarts >

  • Mar 14
  • Wish your kid had an "off” button at bedtime? He does! (Hint: it’s right there on his phone or tablet.) Find out how powering down actually helps your little one fall asleep faster.
    Is the pantry tempting your family to make not-so-great food choices? Maybe it’s time for a makeover! We’ll walk you through what to keep, what to toss and what to stock.
    If your kid stays firmly rooted to the couch after school and on weekends, he needs your help. Kids need activity each day to stay healthy. Mix it up and let the fun begin!
    School lunches have gotten a bad rap for years. But new federal guidelines have made big improvements. Compare and decide for yourself.
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