Tips for Ordering a Healthy Pizza

Preschool & Older

You have a house full of kids, and ordering pizza seems like the quickest and cheapest option. Or the whole family is craving a night out at their favorite pizzeria. But can it be healthy too? Grains, check. Dairy, check. Veggies, check. Protein, check. Pizza can definitely be okay for the kiddos if you do it right. We're going to show you how choosing the right pizza toppings and knowing a few tricks when ordering pizza can help you offer a healthy pizza that you can feel good about serving to your family or your kids and their friends.

Pick a better crust

Skip stuffed crusts and deep dish! Look for whole-wheat or thin-crust options. Choosing a whole-wheat pizza crust will keep your family full for longer, thanks to the fiber.

Know your sauce and cheese options

Ask for "less cheese, please." You can always add a bit of grated Parmesan on your own. When it comes to sauce, choose red sauce over white pizza or garlic and oil sauce.

Choose the right toppings

Add color and good-for-you nutrients by piling on the veggies. Try green or red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes ... or let your young pizza chef choose the pizza toppings for you.

Don’t be a meat lover! If meat is a must, stick to grilled chicken or at least limit your selection to one type of meat (pepperoni or sausage, but not both).

Reduce your serving size

Ask the restaurant to cut your pizza into smaller slices. For example, instead of the restaurant cutting the pizza into the normal eight slices, ask them to cut it into 10 so the portions are automatically smaller! Now that's a cool trick.

Add a healthy side

Balance your plate by substituting the extra slice with a salad or steamed veggies and fresh fruit. And order water instead of sugary drinks (you’ll save money, too!).

When you’re dining out

Avoid pizza buffets. It’s tough to say no to seconds, thirds and dessert, especially after you’ve already paid.

Look for restaurants that let you build your own pizza. That way, you control the amount of cheese and veggies on your pie.