Just Started Solids? Remember These 2 Things!

4-9 Months

There’s a never-ending stream of advice out there about everything parenting-related, and solid foods are no exception. So if you just “can’t even” with the information overload, we’re breaking down the two most important things you need to know now about establishing healthy eating habits for your baby from the beginning.


Transitioning from purees to finger foods

By 6 months old, your baby is probably ready to start (or has already started) eating some meat, veggie and fruit purees. If he isn’t (or hasn’t), that’s OK too. It’s important to let your baby develop at his own pace. The transition from semi-liquid purees to finger foods will take place over the next three months.

  • At the beginning, your baby should be introduced to solid foods only in the form of semi-liquid purees. He’ll learn to handle this texture over the next few weeks to a month. For more advice on introducing solids, check out this article.
  • Once he’s mastered the semi-liquid purees, you can start providing thicker purees and mashed foods. The best way to do this is by using less and less liquid in his infant cereal and mashing common household veggies and fruits, like banana, avocado or baked sweet potatoes. Just like with thinner purees, you can expect your baby to take about a month to master thicker mashes and purees.
  • Soon, he’ll be able to pick up food and move it to his mouth. This is when you can start offering small finger foods, like cooked peas or diced ripe peaches. For tips on finger foods, including ideas for foods to try and which foods to avoid, check out this article.  
Before you know it, he’ll be eating foods the whole family can enjoy!

Veggies and fruits now, healthy eating habits later

Offering lots of veggies and fruits early in her feeding journey will help your baby learn to like the taste. Since babies (and grown-ups too!) often need to taste a food several times before they enjoy it, you’ll be teaching your little one lifelong healthy eating habits by offering plenty of veggies and fruits now. We can’t stress enough how important food parenting is to teach healthy habits now, while your child is still a baby!

Get our tips for choosing healthy baby food in this article and information on how to avoid junk food disguised as healthy baby food here.