About Our Wellness Program

Let's cut to the chase: Kids who eat right and stay active will feel better, do better in school and in sports, and face fewer health risks. In Georgia, nearly one million children are overweight or obese, putting them at risk for diseases once seen only in adults, such as heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, many of these kids are getting bullied and are suffering from low self-esteem and anxiety.

As part of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Strong4Life is working hard to ignite change in Georgia by arming parents and other influencers with simple, realistic and fun ways to encourage kids to adopt healthy habits.

And that's where our path crosses yours. With one simple plan—we call it a Wellness Blueprint—you can help Georgia’s kids develop lifelong healthy habits. Are you game?

What is a Wellness Blueprint?

The Strong4Life approach to wellness is simple and practical. We focus on helping families develop the four Strong4Life Healthy Habits:

  • Make half your plate veggies and fruits
  • Be active
  • Drink more water and limit sugary drinks
  • Limit screen time

The Wellness Blueprint outlines specific ways your organization will promote the health and wellness of kids, families, employees and volunteers. Start by exploring a bunch of wellness opportunities, then compile the best ones into a written action plan—or Wellness Blueprint.

And the great news is that you’re not alone on this journey. A Strong4Life registered dietitian is available for one-on-one support, every step of the way.


Benefits of a Wellness Blueprint

The number one payoff for developing a Wellness Blueprint is that you’re helping kids build a foundation for healthier lives.

Organizations that have already implemented wellness plans report significant benefits, like:

  • Stronger grant applications
  • More effective program marketing
  • Clearer guidance for staff/volunteers aiming to incorporate physical activity and healthy snacks into daily schedules
  • Improved direction for staff/volunteers seeking to make healthier choices for special events, such as fundraisers
  • More appealing benefits incentive for employees, with potential health insurance cost-savings for participating in wellness initiative

Contact us

Have questions? We are here to help! Please contact us at Strong4LifeCommunity@choa.org.