Better eating is all in your mind…really! Once you’ve made up your mind to make some changes (remember, baby steps are just fine), you’re past the hard part. From here, we’ll give you the tips, tools, information and inspiration to put your own motivation into play.
Boost your kids’ brainpower before school with a quick, nutritious breakfast! Our 9 healthy breakfast ideas are simple, tasty and get them to school before the bell—it’s healthy food that’s fast!
‘Set it and forget it.’ That’s why slow cookers are a busy parent's best friend! Our one-pot meals are easy, kid-friendly and nutritious—perfect for school nights or anytime! Plus, we’re sharing our eight top slow cooker tips to make warm meals on cool nights just right!
Think snacking’s forbidden? Think again! Munching between meals gets a bad rap, but it’s actually a good idea—as long as you do it right. Try our high energy snacks!
They look innocent enough, but beware! From red alerts in the cereal aisle to cautions in the canned goods section, we’re serving up Strong4Life’s 7 tips navigate your grocery’s danger zones.
Ditch the drive-thru and save your money! Each single serving of our DIY breakfast menus are tasty, nutritious and oh-so-easy on your wallet!
Warm temps don’t mean germs are on vacation. In fact, summer brings more traveling and gathering, which germs love! Don’t let germs put a damper on your summer fun. Give your family a fighting chance with our top immune boosting foods and drink. You’ll feel good about it!
Snacking gets a bad rap, but it’s junk food that’s bad—not snacking! So say goodbye to your chips and hello to our yummy energy boosting munchies…all for just pennies!
Eating right doesn’t have to be time consuming or cost a fortune. No, really! Strong4Life is dishing on how you can serve your family tasty food without sacrificing their health—or your wallet!
We’ve put together seven fun tips for better living…helpful ideas you can put into play at home or on the go. Try a new tip each day to keep your family going strong—for life!
Ready or not, cold and flu season is here. Thankfully, the experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta know a thing or two about staying healthy when everyone around them has a bug. Try the experts’ secret germ-fighting weapons to keep your family going strong this winter. Plus, check out our bonus tips on how to feel better faster!
We’ve tested some of the most popular internet snack hacks. Find out which hacks are worth your time and which landed on our “fail” list!
Outsmart the grocery store! Check out our 6 insider secrets that will save you money and help you pick the best foods for your family.
Need inspiration to tackle your pantry and closets? Here you go: Not only can spring cleaning protect your family from food safety risks, it also counts as exercise! Try our simple tips to make spring cleaning a real breeze!
Hitting all the nutritional high points can be a challenge, especially if you’re serving fresh fruit and veggies to kids who prefer fueling up on French fries and soda. Our simple steps show you how to build the perfect plate and make sure your family is getting all their nutrients. Who knew eating right could be so yummy?!
Our nutritionists are giving you the inside scoop on the best (and healthiest) items you can donate at your local food drive. Check out their ideas.
Local food drives are awesome, but donations are often processed, unhealthy foods. Find out which donations will contribute to better health and use our tips to host a drive of your own!
Fast food restaurants are on every corner and seem like a magical answer when you are searching for dinner for your family. We all have to zip through the drive thru from time to time so make sure to take our quick tips for fast food along for the ride.
Summer’s here and that means your kids may be “screaming for ice cream.” Our nutritionists share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to frozen treats. And we give you tips on how to navigate the freezer aisle to help your family stay healthy—and cool.
It's time for cooler weather, warmer clothes, plenty of football and all the hearty tastes of the harvest. But don't let the clever fall food promotions trick your family into overindulging (pumpkin-spiced latte, anyone?). Check out our "Nay-Ok-Yay!" Guide to Fall Foods—and learn how to stay in the game for better health.
Want to make your food taste great without adding fat, salt or cost? Why not make your own indoor herb garden? Whether it’s fresh basil in your spaghetti sauce or dill in your dip, a windowsill garden is a project your kids will love and your taste buds will appreciate.
Looking for an easy way to boost the yum factor at every meal and make your family’s taste buds sing this summer? In-season fruits and vegetables are the perfect combo of tasty and nutritious…and they’re easy on the budget. The perfect place to find the freshest picks? Your local farmer’s market!
Strong4Life reminds you that what goes in your cart matters because it goes in your kids. Check out our tips and tricks to stay ahead of the grocery game including ways to plan ahead, stick to your list and avoid temptation.
Want to turn your meals from blah to hurrah? This summer, grow your own family herb garden and kick your meals up a notch with our delicious herb-flavored recipes! It’s a simple, inexpensive way to jazz up your food without bogging it down.
When you are on-the-go, we know fast food is a go-to for most families. Check out our five tips to better road trips.
What’s the real secret to better eating? Having a game plan to make it easier. Strong4Life is here to help, with tools-you-can-use to make meal planning a snap.
Whether you’re ordering out or making your own, our tasty tips will make your pizza pies more family-friendly, no matter how you slice ‘em!
Football fans, huddle up! Strong4Life has a winning game plan to help you pass on the fat and calories, amp up the activity—and score plenty of fun!
Summertime means grillin’ time! Not only are cookouts simple, delish and easy on the AC bill, but they can have plenty of health benefits, too. Get the inside dish on better grilling, plus recipes to make your whole family flip!
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What exactly are trans fats? Why does the FDA want to ban them? Which foods contain trans fats? How do we avoid them? Strong4Life has the answers!