Healthy Halloween Classrooms

Halloween parties at school are lots of fun but they easily become a sugar-fest filled with cupcakes, candies, sodas and juice. We suggest you help plan the Halloween party or provide input to the room moms. Here are some ideas for a party that can be healthy, but still full of Halloween fun:
  • Suggest that the party focus more on fun activities (games, dancing, etc.) instead of around eating food
  • Request that the party limit the sweet treats to just one per student
  • Ask parents to send healthy snacks to the party, such as baby carrots, popcorn, fruit ka-bobs, cheese cubes, sliced apples with yogurt dip, pretzels with peanut butter, etc.
  • Volunteer to provide fruit-flavored water instead of juice or soda; or “lighten” the juice by adding water to regular juice

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