Limit Candy Consumption

Setting expectations about how much Halloween candy your children are allowed to eat doesn’t have to be scary. Your kids may collect five pounds of candy on Halloween, but that doesn't mean they have to eat it all.

We suggest that you plan to talk to your child in advance so you can set expectations for what the trick-or-treating experience will be like, including setting boundaries such as how many pieces of candy will be eaten Halloween night (we recommend between three and five). Let your kids choose the ones they want to eat. When they are part of the process it's easier on everyone.

    Deciding what to do with all of that candy can be challenging. Kids see the candy as “theirs” and we know you don’t want to make it sound like you are taking anything away from them or that you are taking all the fun out of Halloween. Here are a couple of options for getting the candy out of your house. Provide these choices to your children and let them choose:
  • Offer to buy-back the candy: Offer to give your child money (you set the amount—it can be as little as one penny or as much as $.25) for each piece of candy. Just make sure once you buy it back you don’t eat it all.
  • Donate the candy to our troops. Locate a dentist near you who is participating in “Operation Gratitude,” a program that recycles Halloween candy by providing it to our troops overseas.

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