Rewind the Future



By now, you’ve met Jim—the character in our Rewind the Future video. As a parent, you might be thinking “I’ve done some of those things!” Don’t worry; we didn’t create the video to make you feel guilty. We created it to fast-forward to the year 2030 to show you what the future might look like for Georgia’s kids if we don’t act now. The choices we teach kids today become the habits they take into the future. 

That’s not where the story ends, though. The good news is it’s not 2030 yet, and you’ve got time to rewind your child’s story today, right now.

So, where do we start to reverse this future for our kids?

Everybody’s starting point is different...
  • Ever wish you knew how to handle temper tantrums without using food to bribe your kids? Check out Strong4Life’s 5 powerful parenting practices
  • Want to know if you are the only parent who worries about the health of your family but is afraid to do something? Read the confessions of Jim’s mom. Perhaps you’ll relate...
  • Are you ready to make changes but think it will be too expensive to eat “healthy”? We show you how to save more than $2,000 on healthy foods.
  • Does your family need a “digital detox”? Find out if your kids are affected by these seven dangers of screen time.

We know it’s hard but we hope you are willing to try to rewind the future..