By now, you’ve met Jim—the character in our Rewind the Future video. As a parent, you might be thinking “I’ve done some of those things!” Don’t worry; we didn’t create the video to make you feel guilty. We created it to fast-forward to the year 2030 to show you what the future might look like for Georgia’s kids if we don’t act now. The choices we teach kids today become the habits they take into the future.
We’ve all made mistakes as parents (remember—no one ever gave us a parenting manual when our kids were born!), so Strong4Life created 5 powerful parenting practices just for you. These must-have tips are perfect for helping you handle tricky nutrition and activity situations similar to those in the video.
Get to know the facts about what our kids’ future will look like in 2030 if we don’t do something today. Warning: it’s mind-blowing.
While Jim’s character is fictional, similar stories happen in real life every day across Georgia. Take a look at what Jim’s mom might have been thinking over the years by looking at her diary. Again, her story is imaginary, but perhaps you’ll relate…
Just answer these 9 questions and we’ll give you free, personalized information about how your family can start working on the Strong4Life Healthy Habits at home.
Everyone in the family—even toddlers—are screen savvy, spending lots of time on tablets, phones and computers. Want to know how your family can disconnect (sometimes!) from all of the screens in their lives?
If you think eating healthy will cost a fortune, we serve up five ways to save on healthy snacks (does saving $2,000 sound good to you?).
Get a taste for what is lurking in your child’s favorite drinks and meals. It’s not-so-sweet.
Inspired to do something good for your kids today? If you are short on time, check out the best tips for short bursts of activity.