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With children spending an average of 30 hours a week in school, Strong4Life offers a number of school programs that get kids active throughout the day, help them eat better in school cafeterias, and teach them about the Strong4Life Healthy Habits.

To date, we’ve reached more than 601 schools with our Strong4Life School Nutrition program, the Strong4Life Challenge and the Kohl’s Healthy Halls School Wellness program.

School Nutrition
We know many families in Georgia rely on school breakfast and lunch programs for their daily nutrition. And we’re on a mission to teach schools how to be Strong4Life, too.

Our Strong4Life School Nutrition program trains cafeteria managers how to make healthy foods fun and encourage kids to make healthy choices as they come through the lunch line. We’re providing cafeteria managers with free marketing materials that help promote healthy choices among students.

For cafeteria manager and staff resources, click here. And go to

Strong4Life Challenge

Led by the energetic Strong4Life Team, the Strong4Life Challenge brings exciting pep rallies, fun runs, classroom eve ts, classroom videos and more to Atlanta-area schools. Kids love to learn about the Strong4Life Healthy Habits, and teachers get pumped about creating a Strong4Life culture at their schools.

See photos from past events here.

Want to learn more about our school programs? Contact us.

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