Patient Resources

Below, you will find some additional patient resources:

New Patient Packet: If you are a new patient, please download, print and return to us the new patient packet. Once we receive your new patient packet and referral, our office will contact you to set up an appointment.

Drink More Water: More than half of our body is made of water. So you can probably guess what drink makes the most sense for good health. Learn how much sugar is in your favorite 12-ounce drink and check out our list of how to add a little fun to your water so your family will love drinking it.

Healthy Snacks: Half the battle in eating healthy is making sure to have the right foods available at snack time. Feel free to use our healthy snack recommendations like a grocery list. With just a few small changes at a time, you can help your family transition away from junk food to building better bodies and minds that are Strong4Life.  

Proteins: Choosing healthy proteins means putting good fuel in your body. When we eat proteins, we’re less likely to feel hungry, so we’re less likely to snack on foods that aren’t as healthy. Here’s a list of physician-recommended proteins to help you plan your meals. Give your family fuel for their day and help make them Strong4Life!

Strong4Life Food and Drink Log: It’s amazing what you can learn about healthy (and less-than-healthy) habits by keeping track of what you are eating and how you feel when you eat it. These charts should give you a big picture of your health. They can help your family build healthier habits and help your doctor guide you to more Strong4Life choices.

Fitness Apps: Want to get fit but not sure how? There’s an app for that. Try these highly rated phone and computer apps that motivate, engage and encourage fitness. There are games, trackers, “personal” trainers and even alien invaders.

Fitness Apps for Teens: Workouts for teens go great with tunes. Try this collection of digital training apps that help your teen find their groove and track their fitness through goal setting and fun challenges. Some feature social media connection options, and all are meant to help your teen reach maximum success with minimal hassle.