Raising Healthy Eaters Program

Caregivers have the greatest influence over what and how their child  eats, and studies show that a child’s habits (healthy or unhealthy) are hardwired by age 3. The Strong4Life Raising Healthy Eaters  Program is designed to help clinicians deliver evidence-based early feeding recommendations at well-child visits for the development of healthy eating habits for children from birth to 3 years old. In addition to training clinicians in the healthcare setting, we also offer a separate Raising Healthy Eaters Program for Early Care Education Centers.

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In addition to learning about evidence-based strategies to create positive, pressure free meal and snack times, as well as help prevent picky eating and childhood obesity, trained clinicians have the option to order patient resources, at no cost to the practice! All resources are available in English and Spanish, including:

Feeding Milestone Sheets: These sheets provide evidenced-based information to help families create positive, pressure free meal and snacks times. They are designed to be given out at each well-child visit from 1 month to 3 years

Newborn gift bag

Newborn Gift Bag: Give out this newborn gift bag during the newborn well-child visit. The bag contains a book, spoon and safe sleep information.  

Newborn gift bag

Board books: These board books are a fun story a caregiver can read to a child that contains nutrition messaging. The books are designed to be given out from 1 month- 3 years. Each book was contains a parent corner with education messaging about nutrition and feeding practices.  

Strong4Life board books

Georgia healthcare clinicians delivering well-child care visits to children from birth to 3 years of age, including (but not limited to) physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, are invited to take the training.

Strong4life offers live, virtual trainings each month

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Strong4life also offers free private (virtual or in-person) trainings for practices, conferences, student programs and more. If you are interested in scheduling a private training  or have questions about the program, email us at Strong4LifeProvider@choa.org.
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