10 Ways Your Dog Keeps You Active

Preschool & Older

After the third pair of chewed shoes, you might be fed up with Rover. But despite his naughty ways, your dog actually benefits your whole family's health! Here are eight ways your furry friend can help parents and kids get Strong4Life. Now that's something to wag about!


Dogs are marvelous motivators

Look at it this way: When Hyper Dog is begging you to get off the couch, he’s really taking care of you! Dog owners tend to be more active and fit because when we cater to our hound’s exercise needs, our family’s healthy living becomes a walk in the park! 


Bite-sized playtime adds up!

Whether you’re walking, throwing a Frisbee or playing fetch, every bit of active fun time with Fido counts toward your daily activity goal of 60 minutes. Short bouts of activity throughout the day are great because they add up to a fitter family, Fido included!


Pets teach responsibility

When you care about something, you must care for it, too. That’s the vital life lesson kids learn when they share responsibility for Rover. Parents have primary doggy duties, but kids can feel good about being in charge of daily dog walking or outdoor romps with their four-legged friend. 


Dogs make our hearts grow stronger

We love our pups with all our hearts. Studies also show pet owners typically have healthier hearts, along with lower cholesterol and blood pressure. That’s a real tail wagger!


They remind us to eat right

About half of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight. And just like with humans, they’re at risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other problems. Making sure your pup doesn’t develop a big belly is important … and a great way to serve up healthy-living reminders for the humans in your house.


Dogs reduce stress

With their furry faces and unconditional love, dogs are natural mood enhancers. Add the fitness factor they offer, and you can thank the pooch for being your family’s little stress buster!


They’re natural immune boosters

Spot probably isn’t the cleanest thing in the house, but that might be why he helps your kids fight germs! Research shows when kids grow up with a dog, they’re less likely to develop allergies, eczema and even asthma.


Fido helps kids focus

Regular playtime with the dog is a great way for kids to release excess energy. That means it’s easier to fall asleep at night and focus in school. Fido gets an A+!


Dogs lend a helping hand ... or paw

Meet Uno, a trained therapy dog whose special job is to make Children’s patients feel better. With therapy dogs like Uno by their sides, kids feel comforted and work extra hard on their physical activities, daily living skills, speech lessons and so much more. All of our dogs are also the greatest snugglers (and natural stress reducers) around!


A lot to love

Dogs offer an awful lot to love. They’re our live-in fitness partners, stress reducers, performance enhancers and immune boosters. So what are you waiting for? Grab a leash, head outside and let the fur fly!