Fight Back Against Food Marketing

2 Years & Older

Food marketers are smart. They know moms are busy and stressed, and they try to capitalize on that to sell goods. They don’t care that what they’re selling isn’t healthy for our kids. They don’t care that what they’re selling turns our kids into sugar monsters or picky eaters. As long as we’re buying what they’re selling, they’re not going to stop.

That’s why we’re shedding light on some of the ways food marketers are taking advantage of us. We can help you spot their clever food marketing tactics and help protect your kids from the junk they’re selling. You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back.

Why juice doesn’t deserve to be labeled as healthy

What’s not to love about juice? After all, it comes from fruit and 100% fruit juice doesn’t even have added sugar. Sure, that’s true, but the simple fact is: It doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Even though the sugar in the 100% fruit juice is natural, there’s still as much sugar as soda, and our bodies process it the same way.

To get us to believe juice is a healthy drink, food marketers focus on key buzzwords, such as “no artificial ingredients or colors,” “1 and a half servings of fruit,” and “no sugar added.” They want us to hear that there isn’t any added sugar and not realize that one 8-ounce glass of orange juice has the sugar content of 4 medium-sized oranges, but it is lacking most of the fiber that keeps our children feeling fuller longer. They try to convince us that juice is a healthy way to get our kids to consume fruit, but really it is just liquid candy.

Let’s give juice the label it truly deserves: sweet drink.

Why fast food isn’t worth the convenience

Parents are more aware of the health risks of fast food, so fast food marketers have shifted their approach. Instead of leading with the items in their kids’ meals that are packed with more sodium and saturated fat than your child needs in a day, they talk about the “power of protein in milk” and show kids eating apple slices instead of fries. Yet fries are the number 1 “vegetable” kids consume.

Beyond the food, fast food chains are drawing your children in with the promise of a toy with their meals and an indoor playground, and some even keep them engaged long after the meal with apps and games. All of these tactics make it that much harder for you to tell your kids no. They make you look like the bad guy for wanting better for them; for wanting nutritious foods to help them grow up strong and healthy.

Fight back against food marketing

Juice and fast food are only 2 examples of how food marketers are trying to trick you into thinking a product is better than it actually is. Walking through the grocery store, you’ll see it everywhere, from fruit snacks to breakfast cereal to packaged “dinner” options. They focus on 1 or more of the key buzzwords, such as “no artificial preservatives,” “all-natural,” “made with real fruit juice” or “gluten-free” to earn your trust and make you think it’s the healthiest option. They have no shame.

Don’t fall prey to their sneaky tactics. Strong4Life is here to help you outsmart the food marketers so you can protect your kids. Our experts are here to show you how you are being tricked and misled, and how to avoid their unhealthy products and make healthier choices for your family.