Mealtime Makeovers: Real-Life Strategies for Real-Life Families

1 Year & Older

Just when you’ve gotten into a groove with infant feeding, your baby turns into a toddler and it’s a whole new ballgame. All of a sudden, your child has opinions and preferences, and is very willing to let you know about them, especially when it comes to mealtime. Why won’t they just eat what you served? What’s the best way to respond to toddler tantrums and demands around food? How can you make sure they’re getting the nutrition they need while minimizing stress and conflict?

Some of our experts made house calls to two real-life families to show them the real-life solutions they can find here on Watch as these moms find answers to their questions about feeding their families nutritious food, without all the drama.

Mealtime makeover: the picky eater

Mealtime makeover: healthy snack ideas

Our experts can help you make over your mealtimes, too!

We talked to real moms right here in Atlanta and then designed our site to help answer your questions and provide solutions to the challenges you face.

Whether your child is a newborninfanttoddlerpreschooler or school age, we have expert tips for the feeding stage you’re in now. You can also sort our expert advice by topic. So if you’re wondering what, exactly, “food parenting” is, or how to have hassle-free mealtimes, deal with picky eating and tantrums or find some healthy meal options, you’re covered.

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