Daily Ideas to Reconnect With Your Family

Preschool & Older

We created our daily tips just for busy parents who need time-savers, simple solutions and fun ideas you can really use. Let’s get started!

Screen-free Sunday

Start your week off with a challenge for everyone in the family: no tablets, cellphones, computers or TV for the whole day. This might hurt a little, but only at first. Families who practice regular screen-free Sundays report their worlds have continued to turn, and quite nicely, thank you. Without their hypnotic screens, families can spend more time together, get outside to play, de-stress and just have fun!

Meatless Monday

Start a new tradition at your house and say goodbye to meat on your menu every Monday. Many of our Strong4Life recipes are inexpensive, good for you and so tasty you won’t miss your meat one bit!

Try-something-new Tuesday

Today is a great day to mix it up, expand your horizons and try something new. Take the kiddos to the grocery store and let them pick out a new fruit or veggie. Or make them your kitchen helpers and cook up a new dish together.

Walk-it-out Wednesday

Need a midweek pick-me-up? Walk it out! Get the family together, leash up Fido and head out the door to explore. Whether it’s in your neighborhood, your local park or a nearby greenway, walking the walk will make your Wednesday great!

Thirsty Thursday

Rediscover good old water today! Shake up your water without the extra sugar, salt or chemicals, just by adding your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs.

Friday fun day

Your family has worked (and hopefully played!) hard this week, so it’s time for some good old-fashioned fun. How about a visit to the park? A scavenger hunt around the yard? How about a four square tournament? Let your imaginations run wild and have fun this Friday!

Shake-it-up Saturday

Saturday, at last! Today’s your day to try a new family activity together. You could start a veggie or herb garden. You could sightsee in your own city. You could volunteer and give back to the community. Whatever you and your family choose to do, make it meaningful to you.