Thanksgiving Meal Prep Tips


This year, simplify your Thanksgiving meal prep with our six timesaving shortcuts, from appetizers to leftovers. You’ll definitely count our "Why didn’t I think of that?" tips among your blessings!

Eat breakfast and serve light appetizers

Avoid overstuffing yourself at Thanksgiving dinner by eating right the rest of the day. Have a solid breakfast, and serve fruits and veggies as light alternatives to heavy appetizers. Throughout the day, ditch sugary drinks and give kids water or low-fat milk with meals.

Make sides in advance

Save time by making Thanksgiving side dishes the week prior. Simply freeze and reheat for dinner … genius! Another shortcut: Wash and chop ingredients the night before, refrigerating them in sealable plastic bags. No one has to know your little secrets!

Use your slow cooker

Are your Thanksgiving sides always ready before you are? Keep side items warm and out of the way in slow cookers (on low) until you're ready to eat. 

Potato hack

To keep potatoes light and fluffy, boil them with skins on so they absorb less water. Then shock them in a bowl of ice water, making them easier to peel. Or nix the boiling and microwave them instead.

Stuffin' muffins

For no-worry stuffing, cook it outside the bird. That way, you can keep an eye on moistness and seasoning while the stuffing cooks and, more importantly, you’ll avoid food safety issues. Quick tip: Use muffin tins for portioned, crispy stuffing goodness.

Turkey trick

Keep that Thanksgiving turkey juicy by letting it rest for 30-60 minutes (covered with foil) before carving. Still dry? Pour warm, low-sodium chicken broth over slices after carving. For leftovers: Use large, sealable baggies to take up less fridge space. Storage containers are best for nonsolid foods, such as gravy.