The Simple Parenting Secret for a More Meaningful Holiday


What is mindful parenting? Why is it worth trying, especially during the holidays? Being mindful with your family means finding ways to focus on what matters most. It’s about really paying attention to the here and now while your kids are still kids. And that’s a gift we all can appreciate.

Why a mindful parent is a better parent

The benefits of mindful parenting are amazing. By letting go of your worries and focusing on moments with your kids, you’ll appreciate their sweetness, feel more grateful for your time together and make better memories for all of you. And when you teach kids how to be mindful too, the whole family will appreciate feeling calmer and more relaxed, content and self-confident.

Why you’ll appreciate mindful parenting during the holidays

Thanksgiving is a great time for cooking with the kids, planning family activities and just having fun. It can also be a time of long to-do lists, kids climbing the walls and extended-family drama. Thankfully, our mindful parenting tips can help! This year, instead of letting kids watch TV or scroll through social media for hours, spend time together doing something thoughtful, productive and meaningful.

Pay attention to what you’re experiencing and feel your gratitude grow.

Ways to practice mindful parenting

Try these simple ways to start practicing mindfulness in your home:

  • Turn off screens and really be together.
  • Show kids you’re present and undistracted by fully listening when they talk (or babble and coo in the case of babies).
  • Repeat back what they’ve said and ask open-ended questions.
  • Really engage in playing with your kids. It’ll help them develop life skills and make you feel more relaxed.
  • Worry less about the chaos. Focus on how much you and your child are enjoying the time together.

How to make meals more mindful

Think about sharing meals together as a family rather than sitting in front of a TV or eating in the car. By focusing on the meal, we become more aware of our eating habits and more appreciative of the food and good company that nourish our family.

This Thanksgiving, take time to appreciate the meal you’ve made and the joy of sharing it with people you love. For just one day, forget about everything else and focus on what matters.