Georgia WIC

We're proud to work with the Georgia Department of Public Health and Georgia WIC to offer Strong4Life training to enhance WIC staff's counseling skills related to childhood obesity prevention and treatment.

Program overview

As part of the Strong4Life Provider Training Program, Children’s is working with the Georgia Department of Public Health to train all Georgia healthcare providers—including pediatricians, family practitioners, mid-levels and WIC nutritionists—so patients will receive consistent, repetitive messages that encourage and support healthy lifestyle changes.

The Strong4Life WIC Program trains staff on motivational interviewing techniques. Used in conjunction with the value-enhanced nutrition assessment (VENA), motivational interviewing can assist nutritionists in discovering behaviors clients are most willing to change—resulting in improved goal setting. Research continues to support the success of this tool to promote healthy behavior change.

Key benefits for WIC staff

Ninety-five percent of WIC professionals who were trained in the Strong4Life WIC Provider Training pilot were satisfied with the training, and 75% of clients at those sites reported making progress toward their goals.

Strong4Life WIC Provider Training includes:

  • Free training, tools and resources to better prevent, manage and treat obesity
  • Motivational interviewing and participant-centered counseling techniques to assist staff in discovering behaviors clients are most willing to change, which typically improves client goal setting

"I was getting a lot of resistance from moms ... about their child's high BMI. Sometimes there was denial of the problem, and sometimes they'd just tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. I needed [Strong4Life's] tools to help me communicate effectively with these moms!"

Greta Sebestyen, M.S., R.D., L.D., Public Health Nutritionist, Women, Infants and Children

Online training

We are excited to announce that the Strong4Life Georgia WIC Training Program, Improving the Effectiveness of Participant-Centered Counseling and Goal Setting, is now available online!

In one hour, participants will:

  • Review childhood obesity and food insecurity in Georgia.
  • Learn about the Strong4Life and Georgia WIC collaboration.
  • Learn how to use participant-centered counseling concepts.
  • Learn how to effectively use motivational interviewing tools.

Access the online training.