Pledge Program

There are many ways—both big and small—that you can promote wellness in your school. Are you interested in getting students to drink more water, or would you like to implement a weekly wellness day? Any Georgia school can take the Wellness Pledge and commit to working toward one small change throughout the school year.

This virtual program provides tools to help build strong bodies and strong minds for all students, teachers and staff by pledging to make one small change. We are committed in helping create healthy environments where children learn, play and thrive, and we know you are, too! Check out our list of small changes and take the Wellness Pledge today!

Once you make your pledge, you will receive:

  • Resources tailored to your pledge.
  • One-on-one support from Strong4Life to meet your individual program needs and goals.

Here are some of these success stories from schools who have taken the Wellness Pledge:

  • “We made weekly announcements and encouraged our students and teachers to get moving. Some teachers placed yoga mats in the hallway to allow students to unwind and practice some extra mindful activities.”
  • “We had ‘Fit Fridays’ and encouraged students to move in the morning with a short video on the morning announcements. Different teachers and staff members were involved in making the videos.”
  • “We had the breakfast menu on a sandwich board in the car rider line so all students and parent could see what was being served. All artwork was displayed around the school (mainly in the gym and café). We Now offer quick start, on-the-go breakfast students can purchase and eat in the classroom and started a raffle for any student who purchased a breakfast has a chance to win a prize.”

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