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An exciting overnight camp where our Strong4Life healthy habits meet your favorite outdoor activities: archery, rock climbing and more! It's where campers feel an instant sense of belonging, discover their own strengths and make memories to last a lifetime.

At Strong4Life, we know that healthy habits are the key to feeling good, performing our best and being healthy inside and out. Our camp teaches kids and parents about the four Strong4Life healthy habits:

  • Eat smarter, drink water
  • Screens away, go play
  • Get rest to be your best
  • Emotions are real, express how you feel


For kids 8 to 12 years old who are above a healthy weight (BMI greater than the 85th percentile), Camp Strong4Life provides a unique opportunity to help jump-start a healthier future through a traditional summer camp experience.

Our Strong4Life healthy habit sessions blend into the camp experience and help your child build skills and boost confidence. Some examples:

  • A ‘Be Active Day’ full of fun games
  • Cooking challenges and nutrition demonstrations
  • Opportunities to try new activities and find things your camper enjoys
  • Swimming, archery, rock-climbing, fishing, talent shows and more


Camp Strong4Life includes a mandatory orientation day for both campers and caregivers, where families receive education and set goals around the Strong4Life healthy habits. The orientation day occurs a few weeks prior to Camp Week. Family participation is considered key to success for campers and the program.

To encourage continued social support systems and maintenance of healthy behavior changes among campers and their families, Camp Strong4Life hosts a camper reunion in the fall and a Facebook group that provides a support network for camper families.

Our program would not be what it is today without the support and talent of our volunteers! We depend on you to help campers develop friendships, try new things and discover their potential.

You’ll work with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta wellness experts to give back to the community, enhance your skills, learn more about the field of healthcare and gain resume-worthy experience.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  1. Camp Counselor: Supervise and care for a group of campers while participating in camp activities like rock climbing, archery, fishing, healthy habit lessons, and more. Counselors stay the entire week and sleep in a cabin with their assigned campers.
  2. Medical staff: Administer medications, triage campers who visit the medical lodge, and provide medical care when needed.

All previous and new camp volunteers, including medical staff, must attend a volunteer training prior to attending camp.

Individuals using camp volunteer hours to fulfill required services hours for a degree/program will receive 90 contact hours.

Camp Strong4Life takes place at the beautiful Camp Twin Lakes (Will-A-Way) in Winder, Georgia located inside Ft. Yargo State Park. The camp features 16 camper cabins, a state-of-the-art swimming pool and a beachfront perfect for boating and other activities.

Camp Twin Lakes is a network of camps providing life-changing programs to children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other challenges. To learn more about Camp Twin Lakes, visit camptwinlakes.org.

Camp Strong4Life will be held during the summer of 2023.

Applications for the 2023 Camp Strong4Life season are now open! If you are interested in volunteering, apply today!

For questions or more information about Camp Strong4Life, contact us at CampStrong4Life@choa.org or (404) 785-7228.

For questions or more information about Camp Strong4Life, contact us at CampStrong4Life@choa.org or (404) 785-7228.