Staying Safe

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Infant sleeps on her back in a clear crib

Safe Sleep for Baby: Putting Popular Myths to Rest

dad and son splashing in pool

Water Safety Tips for Infants and Young Children

mom watching daughter on monkey bars

Preventing Injuries During Social Distancing

woman walking into empty nursery

A Thousand Little Choices: Infant Sleep Safety

Infant sleeping alone, on their back, in a clear crib with a pacifier nearby.

PICU Nurse to Parents: ‘Just This Once’ Is Not OK

teens jumping into the lake

Water Safety Tips for Older Kids and Teens

Elliott Githens smiling while wearing a football helmet

Drowning Could Never Happen to Us—Until it Did

Elliott Githens

Elliott’s Story: Family’s Message to Parents

Drowning is Silent video still

Drowning Is Silent

infant eating ground meat

What to Do if Your Little One Has Food Allergies

food safety dates

Food Safety Tips for Parents

toddler with watermelon and bottled water

Hydration Tips for Summer

Teen looking back at other students talking about her

What to Do If Your Child Is Bullied or Is a Bully

mom and son with laptop at kitchen counter

Protecting Your Child's Identity Online

tween girl on phone with mom

Keeping Your Teen or Tween Safe Online

boy checking social media outside

Kids, Social Media and Mental Health

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