Raising Resilience Community Toolkit

Raising Resilience Community Toolkit Cover Slide

We’re launching our biggest behavioral and mental health prevention initiative yet—Raising Resilience. With Raising Resilience, we’re giving grown-ups the tools to help kids learn to cope with challenges, manage stress and ultimately make healthy decisions throughout their lives. 

We need your help spreading the word about Raising Resilience. Check out our digital toolkit to learn how.

You can download the full toolkit as a zipped folder.

Who this toolkit is for:  

Anyone who’s interested in sharing about what the Raising Resilience campaign is and how people can learn more and get involved

What’s in the toolkit: 

  • Talking points for use with media and stakeholders
    • About Strong4Life
    • Why resilience?
    • What is Raising Resilience?
    • How can I learn more?
  • Newsletter assets for announcing your support
    • Pre-written copy and downloadable graphics
  • Social media assets for showing your support
    • Pre-written social post copy and downloadable graphics
    • Add a frame to your Facebook profile picture
    • Share GIFs in your Instagram story
  • Resources for anyone involved in the life of a child
    • Printables and tip sheets
    • Articles and videos
    • Newsletter signup


Thank you for being a Raising Resilience ambassador!