Raising Resilience in Elementary Schoolers

Raising resilience in elementary school age children

The transition from preschool to elementary school (or one grade to the next) comes with a lot of change, and your child may be adjusting to new routines and expectations. No matter how your child responds to change, all kids need support in learning how to handle the ups and downs of life—even in elementary school. You can be there with them, teaching them how to cope with challenges, manage stress and make healthy choices along the way. These skills ultimately help your elementary schooler build resilience.

Managing feelings and coping with stress is not something anyone is born knowing how to do. You can help kids handle life’s ups and downs by teaching them to identify and express their feelings and cope with change and stress in healthy ways.

Your child may be busier than ever before, so it’s important to keep communicating with them to help you both feel connected to one another. By connecting regularly, you’re giving them a chance to express their feelings and share their needs.

Being in school, away from the grown-ups at home, leads to new situations and experiences. While you can’t prepare your child for everything, you can help them safely explore their newfound independence by teaching expectations and building their confidence.

Use these resources to work on raising resilience with the children in your life.

Call or text 988 if you or a loved one are experiencing thoughts of suicide, self-harm or any mental health crisis. You can also chat or text for support by downloading the MyGCAL app in the App Store. Any thoughts of suicide should be taken seriously.