School Nutrition Training Program

Strong4Life's School Nutrition Program online training is designed to help you encourage kids to make more nutritious food choices in the lunch line. To make smart serving easier, we've pinpointed the most effective (and fun!) ways school nutrition managers and staff can get kids to want to choose smart foods. We also developed an innovative toolkit—specifically for Georgia schools—to help transform the cafeteria environment.

Training overview

Give us an hour and we'll give you proven strategies to help kids choose school lunch and eat better in the school cafeteria.

In this one-hour, interactive course, you will:

  • Learn the Strong4Life Smart Serving Strategies that help kids make smart food choices
  • Learn how to use training and toolkit materials to make low-to-no-cost changes in the lunch line
  • Develop an action plan to use in your cafeteria

Access the online training.

Remember: All managers who complete the course will receive a free toolkit, filled with posters, stickers, menu labels, floor decals and more!

The Strong4Life School Nutrition Training Program meets the USDA Professional Standards for School Nutrition Program personnel (1 credit hour). Achievement includes completion of a pre-survey, online module and post-survey. Certificate of Completion is available upon request.

Learning codes:

  • 3230 Healthy School Environment (Program Management)
  • 4160 Smarter Lunchrooms Techniques (Communications and Marketing)

See what is included in the toolkit.

Toolkit videos

Wondering what your cafeteria might look like with all the toolkit pieces in place? Watch these videos to see all the exciting pieces, like the ceiling danglers, floor decals and posters, in a real school cafeteria!

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