Why Feed Your Kids Fruits and Vegetables?

Preschool & Older

The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables loaded with color are like a protective armor for kids (and adults). Think of them as superpowers. Just like a special ring gives the Green Lantern his power, the bright and vibrant colors found in veggies and fruits offer kids impressive health advantages. Teach your kids about these six real-life powers and inspire them to try new fruits and veggies.


Eating vegetables and fruits can lead to smarter taste buds

When kids get used to trying different fruits and vegetables, they become more adventurous about trying a variety of new and nutritious tastes and textures. They think nothing of encountering the strands in a stalk of celery, the tiny seeds hiding in a strawberry or the skin of an apple.


Eating vegetables and fruits leads to stronger bones

Eating plenty of green vegetables (kale, cabbage and broccoli, for example) helps kids build strong bodies from head to toe. That means strong bones, teeth and nails—all important for leaping tall buildings.


Eating vegetables and fruits can help fight off germs

Including orange foods in your child’s daily diet provides loads of vitamin C, an important defense against infection. Foods like oranges or cantaloupe arm them with protection against the germs they encounter at every turn.


Eating vegetables and fruits leads to a better memory

Blue and purple foods can help enhance kids' memory. Foods like blueberries and eggplant can help boost school performance, maybe to the honor roll ... and beyond!


Eating vegetables and fruits provides sharper night vision

Foods packed with vitamin A and beta carotene help kids see better, even in the dark. Stock up on foods like carrots and broccoli, and ditch the night vision goggles!


Eating vegetables and fruits benefits children’s immune systems

Just like a suit of armor, eating fruits and vegetables offers powerful protection. Yellow foods, like pineapples, are full of antioxidants that fight cell-damaging molecules. Blue and purple foods, like blueberries and eggplant, contain a chemical (phytochemical) that protects against heart disease and cancer. And let's not forget white foods, like bananas, that help keep our heart and lungs strong and healthy.