Building Resilience in School-Aged Youth: Resources

Thank you for participating in Strong4Life’s Building Resilience in School-Aged Youth Training. Remember, resilient students are able to identify, express and cope with their feelings in healthy ways. One way you can help build resilience in your students is by talking about feelings regularly. Below is a guideline of resources and activities to help you talk about feelings and build resilience.

Remember that what we say, and how we say it, matters. Reinforce these messages when talking about feelings:


  • We all have feelings, whether we acknowledge them or not. 
  • All feelings are OK and normal. 
  • Feelings aren’t good or bad, positive or negative; they just are. 
  • Feelings are temporary and can change from moment to moment.  
  • We can feel more than one feeling at a time, and sometimes those feeling may even be opposites of each other.
  • It’s OK (and helpful!) to talk about feelings. 

Use these resources to help students talk about their feelings at school, at home and in the classroom. 


In the classroom (Use these resources once per week to multiple times per week)



School-wide opportunities 



At home  


Educators face all kinds of challenges throughout the day, making it difficult to prioritize self-care. That’s why it’s critical to be intentional and carve out “me” time each day, if only for a few minutes. Check out these well-being resources for self-care ideas and strategies.