What Is Strong4Life?

We know how challenging it can be to parent kids of all ages—from newborns to teens—because we are parents too. That’s why Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta created Strong4Life. Armed with a team of doctors, registered dietitians and other wellness experts, Strong4Life is here to help busy parents raise healthier families. We do this by focusing on three key strategies: equipping parents with the resources they need at home, training healthcare providers and working with schools and the community to impact kids where they learn and play.


Whether your child is a newborn, an infant, a toddler, a preschooler or in school, Strong4Life.com equips you with expert tips by age. You can also find expert advice by topic. So, if you're wondering what “food parenting” is, or how to have hassle-free mealtimes, deal with picky eating and tantrums or want healthy meal ideas, we've got you covered.

We recognize that raising a child is the hardest job there is, but we are here to make it easier to find the tips and advice you need from the experts you can trust at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

You’ve got this, and we’re here to help.

Strong4Life clinical programs

Strong4Life Clinic and Bariatric Program: Created specifically for families struggling with health issues related to weight, the Strong4Life Clinic provides a warm and nurturing environment of specialized pediatric-trained team members including a Board-certified obesity medicine pediatrician, a dedicated pediatric psychologist as well as a staff of registered dietitians, exercise physiologists and other wellness experts.

Camp Strong4Life: Camp Strong4Life combines summer camp fun with providing kids 8 to 12 years old, who have a BMI greater than the 85th percentile, the support they need to build healthy habits—all with guidance from our wellness experts.

Strong4Life healthcare provider and community programs

Provider Training: Created by physicians at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Strong4Life Provider Training Program offers evidence-based, actionable information about motivational interviewing techniques, goal setting, BMI tracking and childhood obesity management protocols.

Strong4Life School Nutrition Program: The Strong4Life School Nutrition Program provides Georgia schools the tools needed to encourage kids to make smart choices in the lunch line. Why? Because smart choices at lunch can have a huge impact on kids’ health. We combine clever marketing tactics—used by many fast-food marketers—to engage kids, along with evidence-based techniques to train cafeteria managers and staff.

Strong4Life wellness blueprint: For parks and recreation, after-school programs, camps, youth sports leagues and youth development organizations a wellness blueprint can help identify ways their organization can promote healthy habits. Our wellness hub provides free resources including an interactive online training, fun activity ideas, educational videos and one-on-one support to help create a unique wellness blueprint.

Strong4Life community events: Strong4Life collaborates with organizations to develop grassroots efforts and solutions that are tailored to the needs of local communities.

If you would like Strong4Life to attend your community event, submit an event request application. Once you've submitted an event request application a member of the Strong4Life team will review your request and get back to you.

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Join the team making a difference in the lives of Georgia families. As a not-for-profit organization, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta relies on the contributions of our community, and the Strong4Life movement is in need of your financial and volunteer support. Your donation will allow us to continue to train healthcare providers and school nutrition managers, and to affect sustainable change on our state’s health and well-being.

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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta gratefully acknowledges the support of all the donors and community partners whose contributions have helped Strong4Life make a major impact in Georgia.

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